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At El Dorado Hills CrossFit, we know that being fit leads to a better life. And that EVERYONE deserves to feel great about what their body can do.

Here, you’ll find people just like you working out, having a blast, and getting great results. Most of our members are middle-age families and professionals, so before you think you’re "too old," "too out of shape" or "too busy," just stop. You’re not. And our awesome members prove that every day.

Our training is intelligently designed to make sure you get a fun workout every time, see amazing results, and don’t hurt yourself. "But what’s so fun about working out?" you ask? For one, our classes are ever-changing and always challenging. And two, it’s our people! Ego-free and supportive, our members are simply the friendliest fitness fiends in all of California. We’re on the way to South Lake Tahoe, so we’ve had several gym owners from around the country drop into our gym and tell us we have the best community they’ve ever seen!




"I'm a first time Crossfitter and I had apprehensions of doing Crossfit as I did not know what to expect. This deterred me from ever trying it out until I heard about their 30 day trial. It's one of the best fitness decisions I have ever made.

Here is a quick rundown of the gym:

It's really clean with new equipment and very aesthetically pleasing. 

I've met a ton of great people.

The coaches, Jeff, Rob and Bryce, were easy going, approachable and even customized an intro training program over my first few weeks to break me in. I get a personal trainer without having to pay extra for it!

Ample time is spent on the technical aspects of lifting as they always want to see proper form to prevent injuries.

The gym is also very Web 2.0 meaning everything is managed online from tracking and charting your individual performance gains, times, personal records, monthly billing, class schedules, etc. Everything can be accessed from a web browser or from a mobile device!!! 

After 4 months of doing Crossfit at El Dorado Hills Crossfit, my cardio is the best it's every been and I'm the strongest I've been in a long time. (BTW, I'm almost 41 and holding my own.)"

David C.

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"Great gym, great coaches, and great people to workout with.  I have tried a bunch of different types of gyms in the past and this is the only place I have been consistent.  I am definitely not a typical "CrossFit" guy and will never break any records but I still enjoy going as much as I can."

Ken B.

"Great atmosphere, welcoming, and every workout scales to your own ability and level. Perfect for anybody :)"

Samantha A.


"Walked in one Wednesday morning at 5AM and I've continued to go every day since. Great people who make awesome friends, and workouts that make you proud of yourself. Anyone can do CrossFit!"

Tara B.