EDHCRossfit fittest you possible 6 week challenge

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Hey Guys!

We are excited to announce the EDHCrossFit Fittest You Possible 6 Week Challenge! If taken seriously, this is an awesome opportunity for you to see some dramatic changes and some amazing results. We want EVERYONE to be able to participate in this challenge so this is part of your membership, and their will NO CHARGE for this. The more people involved the better for everyone! By trying to accumulate as many points possible in the 6 weeks, you will have chance to find your greatest physical potential and healthiest self. Again, this challenge is for EVERYONE so please sign up and lets support each other in becoming the Fittest You Possible! 

Points for:

  • Checking In/Working Out
  • Logging Workout
  • No Processed Food or Drinks
  • Post On FB Group
  • Personal Development 
  • Progress Pictures
  • Weighing In


Description of each point category:

  • Checking In/Working Out (1 Point)
    • Checking into Wodify
    • Out of town is no problem, just do a body weight workout and put the workout in the notes section of the METCON
  • Logging Workout (1 Point)
    • Enter any performance for the day in Wodify, enter weights lifted, metcon times, etc. 
  • No Processed Foods or Drinks (1 Point)
    • Eat Real food, and not too much 
    • Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and NO SUGAR
    • Yes this means NO ALCOHOL 
  • Activity Outside of the Gym Once a Week (1 Point)
    • Get Outside
    • Hike
    • Yoga
    • Mobility
    • Play with your kids
    • Any PHYSICAL activity outside of the gym
  • Post in the FB Group (1 Point)
    • Post a healthy recipe
    • Share progress pics
    • Post something motivating 
    • Ask something!!
    • If you need to be added to the group tell us!
  • Progress Pictures (5 Points)
    • Don’t worry, NO ONE will see these but you
    • These are the best way to track progress, sometimes there is significant body changes without any changes to the scale
  • Weigh In (5 points)
    • Take your measurements to document your progress during the challenge

The Challenge Starts on June 4th, so mark your Calendars. Please use the Link Below to Sign Up, and be sure to download the Wodify Rise App to log all of your points!



Jeff Prescott